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Bringing tenants & property owners together. Tenants and property owners can join our Housing Navigation Platform. Tenants can find homes that meet their needs and property owners can find long term renters. Our goal is for tenants to become part of the community and change community stigma around public housing resources.

Our Housing Navigation Platform supports renters seeking homes and landlords searching for long term renters.

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Housing Inspections

B-Konnected provides high-quality inspection in the affordable housing sector. We provide inspections for the Housing Choice Voucher program to multiple public housing authorities and municipalities. We also provide rental property inspections for Denver's "Landlord Licensing" program. Our inspectors are nationally certified and can perform inspections in Colorado and surrounding states.

B-Konnected's nationally certified inspection team conduct inspections in the affordable housing sector & will soon provide inspections for Denver's "Landlord Licensing" program.

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Rent Reasonable Studies

All HUD compliant housing providers are required to identify unassisted comparable rents and determine if rents paid by assisted housing participants are reasonable. B-Konnected's Rent Reasonable Platform can generate a HUD compliant comparability study.

Our rent reasonable studies allow owners to maximize property potential & renters discover high-quality housing.

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Prevention & Housing Retention

B-Konnected supports both tenants & property owners for the first year of the lease with periodic follow-ups. B-Konnected offers human and social service navigation as well as intermediary services. Our goal is to ensure tenants and property owners are safe, happy, and stable in their lease arrangement.

We create safety nets to ensure tenants & property owners are supported and stable in their lease arrangements.

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About B-Konnected

B-Konnected strives to create housing security for both renters and property owners. The public and private sector coordination needed to make affordable housing available is complex. We specialize in reducing that complexity so that renters can access affordable housing and property owners can easily produce and maintain such housing.

Our team of trauma informed professionals have backgrounds in real estate, social work, lived experience, and bureaucratic wrangling. This allows us to create solutions for housing access and retention.

Focusing on the Gaps of Service

B-Konnected seeks to improve aspects of the public housing system including but not limited to: helping tenants integrate with their communities, improving capacity among housing providers, providing tenant support throughout the housing lease term, and strengthening connections to community providers. Using our expertise and technology platforms, we aim to remove these "gaps of service".